Top 4 Activities for Seniors with Limited Vision

Top 4 Activities for Seniors with Limited Vision

Playing Your Favorite Instrument

A number of seniors with restricted vision could try playing instruments which they enjoy. In case you are yet to try out any of these instruments, then you might want to consider trying one of them which you find exciting.

While playing with the musical instrument, you will be surprised to see the amount of music you could enjoy by touch or ear.

Physical Activities

There are a number of physical activities which senior citizenswith restricted vision might be able to perform. For instance, they might enjoygoing for a walk or even workout on an equipment which they already have intheir house, etc.Enroll for a 2019 medicare supplement plan at

Senior citizens who workout on a consistent basis typically enjoy superior cardio health, better emotional health, and reduced medical problems.


A number of seniors are likely to enjoy the companionship of a pet like a cat or a dog. For instance, if you have a dog, you can train the dog so that he can do all types of tricks, which includes helping you navigate through your house. Cats too can offer a playful companionship to their owners.

Trying out new crafts

At present, you have a number of crafts available which you can try out even in case you do not have a healthy eyesight. Some elderly might enjoy pottery whereas others might want to try out things like crocheting or knitting. You can even find coloring books for adults which come with raised lines to make the process easier.

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