Medicare supplemental plans (Medigap) and Foreign Trips? Pt 2

Medicare supplemental plans (Medigap) and Foreign Trips? Pt 2

Six of the Medicare supplemental plans offer overseas travel insurance for medical emergencies outside of the United States, up to the limits of the plan. Plans C, D, F, G, M and N provide international coverage for emergency medical care if emergency care for overseas travel begins within 60 days of leaving the United States and Medicare does not take care of it. . If you enroll in any of these Medicare supplement plans for overseas travel, you will pay an annual deductible of $ 250 and 20% of the amount approved by Medicare for certain services that are medically necessary. Foreign travel insurance with complementary Medicare plans that provide such coverage will have a lifetime benefit of up to $ 50,000.

Please Note: 4 supplementary Medicare policies (Plans E, H, I and J) provide also protection for overseas travel. These plans are no longer available. However, if you enrolled in one of these prior plans before 1st of June, 2010, then you can continue to use it as long as you continue to pay your Medicare premium along with your Part B premium.

When is the right time to apply for Medicare supplemental insurance?

While you can request a 2019 Medicare supplement plan at any time, you have guaranteed issue rights during theMedicare Supplemental open enrollment period. That means the insurance companythat offers Medicare supplemental protection can’t refuse to cover it, requiresa medical subscription or requires you to pay a higher premium because youalready have an incident. The 6-month open enrollment period for the Medicaresupplement will begin automatically once you have enrolled for Part B and youare 65 or older. After the end, you only have emission rights guaranteed incertain situations and may have problems changing the plan if you have healthproblems.

Medicare Supplement plans 2019

Therefore, if you are planning a long trip and believe that a Medigap policy with coverage outside the country is right for you, it could be a bright idea to enroll in a Medicare supplemental plan during your Medicare open enrollment period.

What other Medicare options are available for overseas travel?

Some Medicare Advantage plans may offer health benefits if you travel out of US borders. Medicare Advantage policies are a part of the Part C program and are offered by private insurerswith Medicare approval. Such policies must provide at least similar level ofinsurance as the Original Medicare plan (with the exception of Hospice Care, asit is included in Part A). You can also receive additional benefits likeemergency services abroad. If you enroll or are considering a MedicareAdvantage plan, you should get more information about medical coverage abroadbefore your travel out of the country. Outside of the Medicare program, someprivate companies offer insurance plans to cover the costs of medical careincurred overseas, including evacuation. If you choose this option, make surethat the international coverage covers the medical expenses incurred in thecountries to which you wish to travel. The US Department of State, Office ofConsular Affairs, provides a list of insurance companies that offer healthinsurance for travel.